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Sleep Apnea Therapy - Skokie, IL

Get an Easier Nights Rest

Man sleeping soundly in bed

Does your loud, chronic snoring disrupt your family’s rest every night? Has daily exhaustion become just another normal part of your routine? These symptoms may be caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea (also known simply as OSA). This sleep disorder affects over 22 million Americans, and untreated cases can threaten your overall health, your personal relationships, and your day-to-day quality of life.

At North Shore Family Dentistry, patients will find a true expert when it comes to dental sleep medicine and therapy – Dr. David Schwartz. Please contact us today if you would like to explore your options further, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation here in Skokie, IL.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Man snoring in bed

Sleep apnea occurs when a patient’s breathing stops constantly throughout the night – maybe dozens of times, or maybe even hundreds. There are multiple types of sleep apnea, but OSA is the most common by far and occurs when breathing stops because of a blockage in the airway caused by tissues or the tongue. The lack of oxygen will cause the brain to force the patient awake in order to reestablish airflow. While the patient may not even be aware of these interruptions, their deep sleep is badly fractured as a result.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, other common indications of OSA include:

  • Waking up with a snort or a gasp for air
  • Chronic morning headaches
  • An overly dry mouth and/or sore throat in the mornings
  • Problems with memory/concentration during the day
  • Severe mood swings and/or depression
  • Constant trips to the bathroom throughout the night

Why is Dr. David Schwartz the Right Choice for Sleep Dentistry?

Woman waking feeling refreshed

Dr. Schwartz is one of the nation’s leading experts on dental sleep medicine and the use of oral appliances to treat sleep apnea. Here are just a few of his qualifications:

  • He is one of only around 300 dentists in the United States who have earned the Diplomate distinction from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • He regularly lectures at the national level about dental sleep medicine and has authored multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals on the subject as well.
  • He has been included on the advisory panels for some of the largest oral appliance manufacturers in the world, including Somnodent, Prosomnus, and Resmed.
  • His staff is highly trained and very familiar with the unique needs of sleepy and frustrated patients!

What Sleep Apnea Therapy Services Do You Offer?

Clear oral appliance for sleep apnea

Maybe you’ve recently completed a sleep test and have been found to suffer from OSA, or maybe you’ve already been trying to use a CPAP for years with lots of discomfort and little success. Wherever you are in the sleep medicine process, consider visiting our Chicago area practice for further assistance.

While CPAPs (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines) are effective in treating sleep apnea, the components are so uncomfortable and so loud that most patients prefer to forego treatment altogether. As an alternative, Dr. Schwartz highly recommends oral appliance therapy. Your oral appliance will be customized for your unique mouth and designed to gently reposition the jaw and/or tongue to avoid dangerous blockage. The result? Quality, uninterrupted rest and a happy morning awaiting you.

What if you suspect that you may have sleep apnea but you’re not entirely sure? That’s no problem. Our practice also offers sleep tests that can help you establish a much more accurate feel for the severity of your condition. Don’t wait any longer – get started on the path towards the excellent sleep you deserve!