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Emergency Dentistry - Skokie, IL

In Pain? Call Us Now!

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Dental emergencies can wreak havoc on a busy schedule, whether you’ve fallen and cracked a tooth or are struggling with severe oral discomfort. At North Shore Family Dentistry, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Wulfsohn understand the importance of having these issues treated as soon as possible, and we want you and your loved ones to already have a trusted dentist and team in your corner. Our dental office accommodates emergencies right away, providing quality pain relief and effective treatment solutions for revitalizing teeth. Contact us today in Skokie, IL!

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

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  • We consider the following situations urgent in nature:
  • When a natural tooth has been partially dislodged or fully knocked-out.
  • When a natural tooth has been badly fractured and/or broken.
  • When a dental restoration (such as a filling or a crown) has been either damaged or lost altogether.
  • When the patient is suffering from an extreme toothache that isn’t caused by an object stuck between the tooth.
  • When significant oral bleeding is occurring.
  • When the patient has injured their lip, inner oral tissue, or jaw.

If you believe that you may have broken your jaw and/or heavy, sustained bleeding is occurring, please proceed straight to your nearest emergency room. Once your condition is stable, our team will be able to rebuild damaged/lost teeth with restorative procedures.

How Do You Treat Dental Emergencies?

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Our recommended treatment will depend on your particular symptoms. Toothaches are the most common dental emergency we see here at North Shore Family Dentistry, and they’re typically caused by an advanced infection within the inner chambers of the tooth. For much-needed relief, we will perform root canal therapy in order to eliminate harmful bacteria from within and rebuild the tooth’s natural vitality and function. Root canal therapy may have a “scary” reputation, but our practice’s advanced techniques and tools render the process very comfortable. Better yet, the procedure has a success rate of over 90%, and many treated teeth successfully avoid extraction and remain long-lasting parts of the patient’s smile.

Alternatively, options like dental crowns, fillings, and dental implant restorations are available if a natural tooth is badly injured or lost altogether. Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Wulfsohn want to accommodate your specific needs while also maintaining high levels of quality and efficiency.

If at all possible, we want to ensure that our patients are able to avoid dental emergency situations. Here are some steps that you and your family can follow to minimize your risk:

  • Remember to schedule a comprehensive checkup and cleaning every six months so that our team can catch any damage or decay at its earliest stages.
  • Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once daily.
  • Exercise caution when eating any foods that are overly tough, sticky, or chewy. Do not chew the ice in your drink as well.
  • Always wear an oral appliance (preferably a custom-made one from our Skokie practice) if you suffer from habitual bruxism and/or regularly play sports with physical contact.