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Cosmetic Bonding – Skokie, IL

Erase Chips, Cracks, & Stains From Your Smile

Smiling woman with cosmetic bonding in Skokie

Do you find yourself hiding your teeth because of one or more cosmetic flaws? It’s no secret that a single imperfection in your pearly whites can take a huge toll on your confidence. At North Shore Family Dentistry, we can quickly and comfortably erase chips, cracks, and stains from your smile with the help of cosmetic bonding in Skokie! Read on to learn more about this simple treatment and the dazzling results it can help you achieve!

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Man smiles after getting cosmetic bonding in Skokie

Cosmetic bonding aims to correct minor issues in your pearly whites with composite resin. This durable, biocompatible, and natural looking material can simply be molded onto the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Cosmetic bonding binds easily to healthy tooth structure and can be shaded to match the hue of the rest of your smile. In a single quick and comfortable appointment, we can utilize cosmetic bonding to practically erase:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Stubborn enamel stains
  • Misshapen or worn-down teeth
  • Small gaps or spaces between teeth

What’s the Cosmetic Bonding Process Like?

Woman getting cosmetic bonding in Skokie

Typically, the cosmetic bonding process only takes one appointment. In some cases, we may need to perform some light preparation of your enamel to ensure the bonding goes as smoothly as possible. This step will only take a few minutes and you’ll be completely comfortable. Then, we’ll select a shade of composite resin that most closely resembles your natural tooth color and apply it directly onto your tooth.

Your skilled Skokie cosmetic dentist will carefully shape the pliable material over any bothersome dental imperfections. Once it’s been shaped to look like a natural part of your tooth, we’ll use a special curing light to harden it into place and encourage the bonding process. Finally, we’ll smooth and polish it, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your beautiful pearly whites right away!

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding?

Man with beautiful smiles thanks to cosmetic bonding in Skokie

Thanks to modern dental technology and materials, it’s never been easier to correct dental imperfections. There are a wide variety of treatments that can improve the look of your smile, but cosmetic bonding offers a few distinct advantages, such as:

  • A versatile, cost-effective solution: Cosmetic bonding is ideal for correcting stains that can’t be lifted with teeth whitening treatments and a cost-effective alternative to other services like porcelain veneers and dental crowns.
  • Restore teeth while preserving enamel: Unlike other restorations that require the removal of enamel, cosmetic bonding offers a solution that preserves the most natural tooth structure.
  • Quick and easy treatment: While porcelain veneers and dental crowns typically take two appointments over the span of a few days or weeks to complete, cosmetic bonding can achieve your desired results in hardly any time at all!
  • Easily provides long-lasting results: Even though the cosmetic bonding process is fast, you can easily expect your beautiful results to last for many years with the proper oral hygiene.

You deserve to have a smile you can’t wait to show off! Give your friendly team at North Shore Family Dentistry a call today to schedule your consultation for cosmetic bonding.