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Missing Teeth? Dentures or Dental Implants in Skokie Could Help

March 25, 2019

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denture implantsYour missing teeth have drastically affected your self-confidence and little day-to-day tasks like how you talk and eat. You visited your dentist, and are overwhelmed by your choices, but you need to make a huge decision on whether to invest in dentures or dental implants in Skokie.  You’ve probably heard downsides and upsides about both, but you want to make an informed decision based on facts. You recognize the importance of your teeth and don’t want to take any shortcuts replacing them. Read on to get the vital information so you can make the best decision for teeth replacement based on your needs.

What Benefits Can Dentures in Skokie Offer Me?

No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, it’s important to get them replaced so you can prevent further damage to your mouth. Dentures are an oral prosthetic that attach false teeth to an artificial gum base. Partial dentures are held in place by brackets, while full dentures rely on suction or dental adhesive to stay put. When well cared for, they typically last 5-7 years.

Dentures have many benefits to offer you. As a natural-looking replacement, they fill out your mouth and give you the confidence you need to carry out conversations without trying to hide your missing teeth. Because they’re removable, they are significantly easier to clean and maintain. Modern dentures are fast and easy—they can often be inserted the same day that your teeth are removed. Your dentist takes a model of your jaw and teeth during your consultation visit so they can guarantee a comfortable and secure fit.

Not only are dentures more affordable than dental implants, but not everybody is eligible to get dental implants as well. If your jaw and gum health don’t allow this, dentures can be the perfect option for you to regain your smile.

What Benefits Can Implants in Skokie Offer Me?

Whether you’re looking to replace a single tooth or an entire arch, dental implants offer your natural bone unmatched support and stability. They consist of surgically placed metal anchors that are inserted into your jawbone that allow you to mount a bridge, crown, or dentures onto them, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both permanent implants and dentures!

They are the strongest tooth replacement option you could get and look and feel completely natural. They don’t just replicate your teeth for looks, but also for purpose. The surgically-placed posts stand in for the root of your tooth to help promote bone growth and prevents your face from eventually sagging. One thing to keep in mind when considering dental implants is that you must maintain exceptional oral health to be a candidate.

Dental implants come with a laundry list of benefits for your dental wellbeing. Because they aren’t removable, they offer a secure and stable fit that prevents problems like slipping and gum irritation. This allows you to have improved speaking and chewing. Additionally, you can take care of them like you would your regular teeth. All that’s required is brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups and cleanings. With implants, you will notice your self-confidence skyrocket and the urge to smile all the time!

It’s important that while you’re considering your options, you listen to what your dentist thinks will be best for you. Each option offers different benefits for different people, so remember that!

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At North Shore Family Dentistry, Dr. David Schwartz works with the most trusted specialists to ensure your dental implant placement is perfect. Enjoy custom-made and meticulously designed restorations that can last you a lifetime. For any questions, or to schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn more about your options, visit our website or contact us at 847-865-9859.

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